We are a proud dealer for Fuel Injector Connection LLC

  • Fuel Injector Connection LLC. moved to Georgia in October of 2007 to open it’s retail business.
  • We sell a full line of new injectors as well as our own “Blue Demon” injectors that are perfectly flow balanced and rebuilt with viton o-rings.
  • We use state of the art equipment designed by us to Dynamically flow match injectors to 1% at pulse widths from .5 to 12ms.
  • We have a specialized machining process to make our nozzles to strict tolerances.
  • We do not use a lathe like most of the competition. This eliminates distortion and different flow characteristics.
  • All of our reconditioning work and our rebuilt injectors are guaranteed for 3 years.

Evolution Automotive Performance
5019 Starr St Lincoln, NE 68504